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Business Services (Biz)

In order to cope with your changing needs, as from startup business to the business growth, we are providing full range of business services.

Our business services include: Registered office Provision, Company Secretarial Services, Trademark application and registration, Nominee Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Virtual Office Provision, Tax Returns Filing & Advisory (for proprietor/partnership businesses), Taxation Services & Advisory, Auditing, Certified Documents on our incorporated documents by certified public accountants, especially for corporate bank account opening...

Services Why needs it?
Registered office Startup, Overseas, Cost Awareness
Company secretarial Startup, Overseas, Our profession
Trademark Assets protection / product branding
Nominee Group, Overseas, Personal reasons
Accounting All companies, Outsourcing
Virtual office Startup, Overseas, HK presence
Tax returns filing Proprietor, Partnership
Taxation advisory Group, Overseas, Limited companies
Auditing All limited companies
Guangzhou rep. office China presence/liasion, Overseas
Guangzhou company China operations / sales market

Our aim is to provide and distributed integrated startup and business solutions at best quality and affordable prices.


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